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Zuva Habane Apologises To Fans


by Rumbidzai Chiriseri

Zuva Habane also known as Urban Tete apologized to her fans after attacking other socialites on her social media platforms.

Zuva mentioned the support her fans had given her through out her journey as the Urban tete.

“I am humbled by your unwavering support and for that I’m forever grateful. Without you there would be no Zuva Urban Tete. Thank you from the depths of my heart,” she said.

She went on to apologise for her unexcusable behaviour on social media saying it has affected her family and fans at large.

“I’m sorry for my abhorent behavior and I take full responsibility for my actions and the negativity that has resulted from them. I realize that my family, my friends and my followers have been affected by it and that grieves my heart,” said Habane.

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She added that social media business, needs one to have a thick skin to withstand the storms that come with it.

“I am human and the negativity took its toll on me. Unfortunately, I lashed out at the wrong people in the quest to retaliate on those that I felt were attacking me.

“I understand social media and have had the ability to differentiate between social media and reality, sadly the negativity and the need to respond to it had me mixing up the two,” she said.

Zuva clearly stated that her intentions were to share and learn new things on social media.

“My appeal to Zuva Nation and visitors , please be patient with me while I work on myself. I have loved my job and all the interactions with you. I want us to continue learning from each other and growing,” said the Urban Tete.

She lastly told her fans that she will be off social media until she is back on her feet.


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