Home Crime and Courts Zvishavane Businessman Courage Mushunje Acquitted of Fraud Allegations

Zvishavane Businessman Courage Mushunje Acquitted of Fraud Allegations


In a trial that commenced in September 2023 before Regional Magistrate Mr. Maturure at Gweru Regional Court, Mushunje faced charges related to an alleged fraud case. The prosecution contended that he duped Mr. Mathuthu in connection with the sale of a property at house number 2018 Eastlea, Zvishavane, for $85,000.

Mushunje’s Defense

Throughout the trial, Mushunje vehemently denied any wrongdoing, maintaining that he had entered into a legitimate agreement of sale with Mr. Mathuthu. He argued that complications between the buyer and seller led to the cancellation of the agreement, with Mr. Mathuthu refusing to retrieve his $80,000 deposit and insisting on acquiring the property instead.

Presentation of Crucial Documents

The court proceedings included the presentation of crucial documents, such as the agreement of sale and correspondences between the parties. These documents highlighted the contentious nature of the transaction, with Mathuthu reportedly refusing to take back his deposit.

Accusations of Civil Dispute

In his defense, Mushunje contended that the matter was essentially a civil dispute between the involved parties, accusing Mr. Mathuthu of misusing the criminal justice system.

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Court Verdict

The judgment, delivered on January 19 by Regional Magistrate Maturure, acquitted Mushunje. The court stated that the evidence presented by the state failed to establish a prima facie case against the accused. Notably, the court emphasized the absence of evidence indicating that Mushunje’s conduct amounted to fraud.


The court’s decisive ruling declared Courage Kudakwashe Mushunje not guilty, thereby acquitting him of all charges in this high-profile fraud case.

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