Home News Zvishavane Fuel Attendants Fingered In Corruption.

Zvishavane Fuel Attendants Fingered In Corruption.


By Takudzwa Mahove

Zvishavane motorists have raised concern on alleged corrupt activities by fuel attendants at a local fuel station whom they accuse of receiving cash clandestinely to facilitate jumping the queue.

Great Dyke News 24 reporter Jos Fisher visited the fuel station last night and spoke to motorists who had been in the queue for more than five hours.

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The motorists also say customers with jerry cans are receiving preferential service as they pay in hard cash.

In their defense, fuel attendants and staff at the fuel station blamed electricity outages but customers say they are baffled as to why the outages have only affected motorists paying for fuel using bank cards and Ecocash.

Meanwhile, motorists have called on authorities to investigate the service station with a view to dealing with the alleged corruption.


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