Home News Breaking: Gold Rush In Chegutu, Mashurugwi Causing Havoc.

Breaking: Gold Rush In Chegutu, Mashurugwi Causing Havoc.


Chegutu West Member of Parliament Dextor Nduna has revealed that there is a gold rush in the industrial area of Chegutu town with machete-wielding gangs known as “Mashurugwi” attacking people who stay nearby.

According to Nduna, the criminal activities by the machete-wielding artisanal miners have increased both in the day and at night with the violent criminals targeting gold buyers, miners, and processors.

” There’s a gold rush in the constituency at two areas, Justice Chitakunye and David Whitehead textiles. I urge you all to be alert and not visit these areas. The crime of machetes has increased both in the day and night. The police are on high alert. Airforce doctors and nurses are attending to the injured at the general hospital since yesterday,” reads parts of the statement.

The legislator has also encouraged the residents to work with the police in order to flush out the criminals from society.

“Please cooperate with the Police to weed out the machete criminals at these sites,” said Nduna.

He added that he has contacted Zimbabwe power utility, ZESA Holdings to restore power in the area for the injured to be nursed to full recovery.

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 “I have spoken to ZESA. They will restore power to the hospital as a priority as the armed robbers are now targeting gold processors and buyers in and around Chegutu. People should stay out of trouble and secure themselves and premises during this trying time. The situation will normalise soon,” said Nduna.

Police statistics show that in the mineral-rich Midlands Province, reported criminal cases rose 33 percent in the first nine months of 2019 because of the influx of machete attackers.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) recently announced the arrest of seven people who attacked six male adults at a mine in Chegutu.

The accused were armed with machetes, axes, knives, and sjamboks when they committed the crime. They stole cellphones, gold ore, fuel, and foodstuffs.


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