Home News Zvishavane Fuel Woes Continue.

Zvishavane Fuel Woes Continue.


The Zvishavane fuel crunch continued over the weekend with only one fuel station selling the precious liquid in the local currency in the mining town.

Fuel is readily available for motorists buying in foreign currency, but not for those using local currency who have to queue for hours to access the commodity.

This supply situation of diesel and petrol has exposed social imbalances as those with foreign currency find it easy to access fuel while the rest spend long hours in queues, in some cases failing to get it.

Long, winding queues at service stations selling in local currency and people waiting for public transport for hours drive home the impact of the fuel shortage.

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A snap survey by the Great Dyke News 24 revealed that motorists in the town queue for as many as 8 hours in queues stretching over a kilometre with no guarantee that they will get the fuel.

Meanwhile, Energy and Power Development Minister Advocate Fortune Chasi said Government is working on a framework to address the crisis.

“We have set up the Direct Fuel Import arrangement which principally deals with those that import fuel directly. A framework has been developed but in addition to that we have a regulation that will soon kick in to ensure that there is regulatory clarity in this area. The publication is imminent,” said Adv Chasi.


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