Home Business Zvishavane Retailers Charging Premiums On Bond Notes.

Zvishavane Retailers Charging Premiums On Bond Notes.


As financial authorities tighten the noose of illegal currency trade unscrupulous retailers and informal traders in Zvishavane are placing a premium on prices when consumers use the ZW$2 note marked “bond note”.

Speaking to Great Dyke News 24, disgruntled consumers explained how some retailers in Zvishavane’s Central Business District are laying the foundation for what may become a new black market practice.

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Earlier in the week the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said it was intensifying its crackdown on traders and businesses who are refusing to accept the Zimbabwe Dollar. ZRP Masvingo Provincial Spokesperson Charity Mazula had this to say.

Initially, some businesses and informal traders were refusing to accept all coins as well as the ZWL$2 banknotes. Some were even refusing to accept the ZWL$5 banknotes as well, choosing to only accept the ZWL$10 and ZWL$20 because they are less bulky for carrying large sums of money.


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