Home News Zvishavane Town Council Constructs A Kraal- Fines Owners for Stray Cattle.

Zvishavane Town Council Constructs A Kraal- Fines Owners for Stray Cattle.


By Marks Matarutse.

After noticing the danger posed by stray cattle to both pedestrians and motorists, with cow dung being a health hazard, Zvishavane Town Council has constructed a kraal for rounded up stray cattle in the town centre.

“Claimed cattle are charged RTGS10 per day as per Stock Trespasses Act (1) and those which go for a month are sold at public auction,” Magororo Mazai the town council’s Director of Central Admin revealed in an interview with Great Dyke News 24.

To get back the claimed cattle owners need to produce a police report and stock card and then pay a fine.

“At one time an angry bull kicked a pedestrian at one of the lawn gardens and the man developed a large swelling on the forehead and this cannot continue,” said Magororo.

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Magororo said that apart from human-animal conflict, the animals’ cow dung and urine were a threat to the council’s sanitation goals.

Cattle in the town are always seen grazing along burst sewer pipe where the grass is always greener.

Residents who spoke to this reporter expressed concern about accidents caused by the stray cattle.

Patience Ncube one of the residents who welcomed the town council’s intervention said, “I am happy, with the move by our town council as it will go a long way in curbing animal-human conflict and accidents involving animals will be reduced.”

Magororo said most of the cattle were from Chief Masunda and Mazvihwa areas, and he called for local chiefs to tell their subjects to look after their livestock to avoid paying punitive fines.


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