Home Crime and Courts A 32-Year-Old Man Arrested for Illegal Ivory Possession in Beitbridge

A 32-Year-Old Man Arrested for Illegal Ivory Possession in Beitbridge


A 32-year-old man has been apprehended after being found in possession of illegal ivory weighing approximately 0.87 kilograms. The arrest underscores the authorities’ commitment to combatting the illicit trade in wildlife products and protecting endangered species.
In a statement released by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), it was revealed that on September 8, 2023, Detectives from the CID Minerals Flora and Fauna Unit in Beitbridge took swift action based on received information. This led to the arrest of the suspect, Ephraim Dube, in connection with the illegal possession of the ivory.
The illegal ivory trade is a matter of global concern due to its devastating impact on wildlife populations, particularly elephants. Ivory is highly sought after in black markets, where it fetches significant prices. This demand fuels poaching, which poses a severe threat to these magnificent creatures. To counter this grave issue, authorities worldwide are taking strict measures to combat the illegal wildlife trade, protect endangered species, and preserve biodiversity.
Efforts like this arrest serve as a crucial step towards ensuring that wildlife trafficking is curbed, and these precious animals are safeguarded for future generations.

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