Home Politics Breaking News: Mutsvangwa Axed, New Deputy Ministers Appointed

Breaking News: Mutsvangwa Axed, New Deputy Ministers Appointed


In a recent announcement by the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr. M. Rushwaya, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has made changes to his cabinet.

The changes include the removal of Christopher Mutsvangwa from his position as Minister of Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Affairs, effective immediately.

The statement did not provide reasons for Mutsvangwa’s sudden removal. The decision comes as three new Deputy Ministers are appointed:

1. Hon. Omphile Marupi – Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services.

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2. Hon. Sheillah Chikomo – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

3. Hon. Benjamin Kabikira – Deputy Minister of Local Government and Public Works.These appointments are also effective immediately.

Mutsvangwa, a seasoned political figure, has played various roles in Zimbabwean politics, including serving as Zimbabwe’s ambassador to China.


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