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Country Total Cases New Cases Total Deaths New Deaths Total Recovered Active Cases Total Tests
World 16,418,867 +221,260 652,256 +4,303 10,047,304 5,716,094  
USA 4,371,839 +56,130 149,849 +451 2,090,129 54,219,575 54,219,575
Brazil 2,419,901 +23,467 87,052 +556 1,634,274 12,601,096 4,911,063
India 1,436,019 +50,525 32,812 +716 918,735 16,291,331 16,291,331
Russia 812,485 +5,765 13,269 +77 600,250 26,902,291 26,902,291
South Africa 445,433 +11,233 6,769 +114 265,077 2,773,778 2,773,778
Africa 850,628 +18,114 17,808 +238 494,224 338,596  
Egypt 92,062 +479 4,606 +48 33,831 53,625 135,000
Nigeria 40,532 +555 858 +2 17,374 22,300 262,579
Ghana 32,969 +1,118 168 +7 29,494 3,307 374,612
Algeria 27,357 +593 1,155 +9 18,088 8,114  
Zambia 4,481 +153 139 2,350 1,992 76,072
Malawi 3,640 +83 99 +5 1,639 1,902 27,147
Zimbabwe 2,512 +78 34 518 1,960 119,866
Eswatini 2,207 +65 32 +4 986 1,189 20,784
Mozambique 1,669 +53 11 593 1,065 52,422
Botswana 686 1 52 633 62,296
Lesotho 505 +86 12 +3 128 365 7,463

The number of coronavirus infections has hit 16.41 million worldwide, while more than 652,000 people have died and more than 10 million patients have recovered from the virus.

The US has by far the largest coronavirus outbreak in the world, with 4, 3 million cases testing positive for the virus. However research suggests that its 4 million reported infections are a small fraction of the true case total. Florida has overtaken New York in the number of coronavirus cases, according to the latest figures from the health department.

Brazil’s health ministry reported 23,467newly confirmed Covid-19 cases, bringing the country’s total to 2,419,901. The ministry also reported 556 new deaths from the virus, bringing Brazil’s death toll to 87,052.

China reported 61 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, spread between its northeastern and northwestern regions. It is the highest daily tally of new virus cases since April 14, when 89 cases, mostly imported, were recorded. No new deaths were reported, leaving the toll from COVID-19 in the country at 4,634 among 83,891 cases.

North Korea has reported its first suspected case of Covid-19.

South Africa’s health ministry reported 11,233 new cases of the coronavirus, bringing the country’s total confirmed case count to 445,433. The number of people who have officially died from coronavirus in the country is 6,769. There have been 256 077 recoveries which is a 60% recovery rate.

7, 529 positive cases have been recorded in the mining sector.  70 deaths have been recorded with 37 of them from the PGMs sector.

Last week, officials from the World Health Organization expressed concern the country’s rising numbers could signal greater Covid-19 spread throughout Africa. South Africa has the highest number of confirmed cases in Africa and the fifth highest number worldwide, following the United States, Brazil, India and Russia.

Zambia second to South Africa has the second highest number of cases in Southern Africa as 4,481 confirmed cases have been recorded in the country. 153 new cases were recorded yesterday and the current death toll now stands at 139 fatalities.

78 new cases were recorded in Zimbabwe to bring the total cases to 2,512.of the 78 cases reported, 74 cases were local cases and 4 were imported cases from South Africa. No new positive cases were recorded in Harare although the city remains the epicenter of the disease.  No new death was recorded yesterday hence the death toll remains at 34.

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86 new cases were recorded in Lesotho and the total number now stands at 505. 3 new deaths were recorded to bring the total number of fatalities to 12.

Covid-19-infected droplets spread further in cold, humid climates

Scientists have found a new way of modelling the Covid-19 spread via airborne respiratory droplets. Generally acknowledged as the main means of transmission for the coronavirus, respiratory droplets spread via talking, sneezing, coughing and singing. They contain small bits of proteins and pathogens that can be passed on to others if they inhale the droplets or touch infected surfaces. A human can exhale droplets between 1 to 2 000 micrometres, which is why it’s so important to know what the evaporation rate of the droplets is.

New mathematical model

Researchers developed a multi-scale model that connects the infection dynamics of the pandemic and the real physics of droplets to measure the role that environmental factors play in the spread of the coronavirus via respiratory droplets. 

Environment plays a factor

At 35 degrees Celsius and 40% humidity, a droplet could travel around 2.5 metres, but at five degrees Celsius and 80% humidity, the droplet’s travel distance increases to 3.6 metres. Droplets are far more likely to evaporate faster in the absence of a surface contact, and while smaller droplets can evaporate in a fraction of a second, when they form a cloud they linger longer and are much more likely to infect another person. Bigger droplets have a bigger chance of falling to a surface before evaporating into the air. Other factors also include the force by which the droplets are expelled, and how fast they decelerate due to lack of momentum.

While WHO officials do not deny airborne spread, they reiterate that more research and definitive evidence is needed to confirm it as a major mode of transmission

Metal Prices Asia/Europe/NY markets


GOLD 1930.20 1931.20 +28.90 1929.20 1932.70
SILVER 24.00 24.10 +1.30 23.93 24.11
PLATINUM 934.00 944.00 +25.00 929.00 944.00
PALLADIUM 2186.00 2336.00 +26.00 2182.00 2336.00
RHODIUM 6800.00 8800.00 0.00

In global markets, gold crossed the $1,900 per ounce ceiling on Friday for the first time since 2011. he gold market made its historic move Sunday evening during the Asian trading session. First spot gold hit its all-time high above $1,920 and then August futures quickly followed suit. August gold last traded at $1,922.70 an ounce, up more than 1% on the day. A worsening US-China row has added to concerns about global economy that is already grappling with a resurgence in coronavirus cases in many countries (Source: Kitco)


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