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The world has recorded its highest number of daily Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began, fueled by a second wave in Europe.

The World Health Organization reported a record number of new coronavirus cases Friday – more than 324,000 in a single day. WHO has now reports a total of 37,063,985 coronavirus cases, although WHO officials have said this is a vast undercount and estimate there are likely many times that number of cases.

As a region, Europe is now reporting more daily infections than the United States, Brazil, and India — the countries that have been driving the global case count for months. The continent recorded 97,800 new cases on Thursday, according to WHO.

Widening outbreaks in European countries such as France, Austria, Romania and the Czech Republic are contributing to the spike.

The United States on Thursday reported the most cases it has seen in a single day in nearly two months — more than 56,000 new cases were added yesterday, this means that infections are up 12% from the previous week and more than double what the country was seeing in June, as lockdown restrictions were easing.

Meanwhile, only 2 states are showing a downward trend in new cases compared to the previous week — Hawaii and Alabama. In the past just one or a few regions were experiencing a growth in cases, infections are now on
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce new coronavirus restrictions on Monday as the government tries to curb a surge in new cases.

The UK recorded 13,864 new cases on Friday, which is lower than the previous 24 hours. But there has been a sharp upward trend in recent weeks. The average daily number of COVID-19 cases in England has doubled in a week, a survey showed on Friday, but the government is facing growing opposition to lockdown measures which have wrought some of the worst economic damage in at least a century.

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Italy reported at least 5,372 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 343,770 since the pandemic began. The increase represents the highest daily rise in new cases since March 28, when the country was under strict lockdown rules. The death toll has increased by at least 28 during the past 24 hours to reach a total of at least 36,111.

Russia reported 12,126 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday, the highest daily increase recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the data from the country’s coronavirus response headquarters.

South Africa recorded 1 641 new coronavirus cases. This brings the total number of cases to 688 532. The country has also recorded 139 new COVID-19 related fatalities, bringing the total number of deaths to 17 547. The number of recoveries now stands at 620 081, this translates to a recovery rate of 90%.

Zimbabwe recorded 43 new cases of the virus to bring the total number of cases to 7,994. The court is now facing the 8 000 milestone in confirmed cases. Recoveries recorded now stand at 6,474 which is an 81.3% recovery rate.

China officially joins COVAX vaccine initiative

China has signed an agreement officially joining the COVAX initiative led by the World Health Organization, which aims to provide worldwide access to effective Covid-19 vaccines. Through the COVAX Facility coordinated by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, more than 75 ‘high-income’ countries have committed funding to provide at least part of the cost for procuring the vaccine for poorer nations. The United States — which has severed its relationship with the WHO — and Russia have not joined the program. Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and 27 countries represented by the European Commission are members. CNN

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