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Community Leaders Embrace Nectacare Health Service Inauguration: A Boost for Local Healthcare Access in Zvishavane


Traditional leaders in Zvishavane have warmly welcomed the inauguration of the Nectacare Health service at Shabani Mine Hospital. In an interview with Great Dyke News, Chief Mapanzure underscored the significance of collaborative efforts between the private sector and the government in community development initiatives

Chief Mapanzure stressed that the establishment of Nectacare would facilitate equitable access to healthcare facilities for all community members, irrespective of their backgrounds. Particularly, he noted that elderly individuals residing in rural areas would now have access to essential health services without enduring the financial strain of seeking treatment in distant, costly hospitals.

Highlighting the alignment with Vision 2030, Chief Mapanzure expressed optimism regarding the ongoing enhancements in local hospitals, foreseeing improved accessibility to healthcare services within communities.

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Chief Masunda hailed the transformation of Shabani Mine Hospital as a remarkable achievement, deeming it a significant milestone in local healthcare provision. He emphasized the profound impact this development would have in curbing medical tourism, as residents would now have access to comprehensive healthcare services locally, courtesy of Nectacare.

Masunda underscored the financial relief this initiative would bring to individuals and families, foreseeing a positive ripple effect on community welfare. Traditional leaders collectively embraced such progress, recognizing its far-reaching benefits for all community members.


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