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Zimbabwe’s Chamber of Mines Sounds Alarm on PGM Sector: Calls for Urgent Government Intervention Amidst Bleak Outlook


The Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe (CoMZ) has issued a somber forecast for the mining industry, particularly regarding certain platinum group metals (PGM), projecting ongoing challenges in the coming year and beyond. In a recent statement, CoMZ emphasized the persisting concerns surrounding weak demand and the potential for prolonged declines in PGM prices.

Citing the need for government intervention, the Chamber of Mines urged authorities to take action to alleviate the burden on mining companies, particularly in areas such as electricity tariffs and fiscal charges. The aim is to prevent mine closures and ensure the survival of mining operations amidst this challenging economic climate.The anticipated downturn is expected to have far-reaching effects, potentially leading to the suspension of capital projects and a reluctance to invest in new ventures and exploration within the PGM sector.

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To mitigate the adverse impacts of plummeting prices, mining firms have implemented various cost-saving measures, including enhancing operational efficiencies and postponing capital projects. Additionally, companies are strategizing to ramp up production levels in an attempt to counterbalance revenue losses stemming from the downturn in commodity prices.

However, despite these efforts, the viability of mining operations remains precarious. Consequently, some companies are compelled to downsize their workforce as a supplementary measure to navigate the prevailing economic challenges.


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