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Global Statistics

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsNew DeathsTotal RecoveredActive CasesTotal Tests
South Africa754,256+1,98720,432+118696,82037,0045,160,877

There are now over 55, 9 million cases of the virus globally and deaths from the virus are now over 1,342,593 with America recording 254, 000.

The US has recorded more than 100,000 daily infections for two weeks straight with 140, 591 cases being reported yesterday and at least 254,070 people have died from the virus.

Brazil recorded 35,018 additional confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours and 632 deaths from Covid-19, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. The country has registered more than 5.9 million cases of the virus since the pandemic began, while the official death toll has risen to 166,699, according to ministry data.

France has become the first country in Europe to top two million confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University and the French national health agency. In a statement on Tuesday evening, the country’s health agency director Jerome Salomon confirmed that the cumulative number of coronavirus cases in France now stands at at least 2,036,755. While France has now registered the highest cumulative number of coronavirus cases in Europe overall, Salomon noted that the current coronavirus reproduction rate in France is now below one, while the daily number of new cases has declined in the last week.

In the UK, 598 more people on Tuesday died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid 19, bringing the UK total to 52,745. This represents the highest daily increase since 12 May.

Spain recorded 435 new Covid deaths on Tuesday, the highest daily toll seen so far in the country’s second wave of the coronavirus. Its total number of cases has now passed the 1.5 million mark and stands at 1,510,023.

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Italy has registered 32,191 new coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours, the health ministry said on Tuesday, up from 27,354 the day before. The ministry also reported 731 Covid 19-related deaths, up from 504 the previous day and the highest daily toll since 3 April, when the country was in full national lockdown.

South Africa recorded 1 987 new coronavirus cases, taking the total number of cases to date to 754 256. The country also recorded 119 new COVID-19 related fatalities on Tuesday this brings the total number of deaths to 20 433. The cumulative number of tests conducted to date is 5 160 877. Recoveries now stand at 696 820 which translates to a recovery rate of 92.4%.

Zimbabwe recorded 48 new cases of the virus to bring the total number of cases to 8,945. Of the 48 deaths recorded 47 were local transmissions and 1 was a returnee from Tanzania.  Deaths rose by 3 to bring the total number of fatalities to 260 with deaths being reported in Bulawayo. Recovered cases are now at 8,164 which brings the national recovery rate to 91, 3%.

Mozambique has been recording a steady decrease in the number of new cases, as 52 new cases were recorded from 113 on the 14th of November to 108 on the 15th of November and 66 on the 16th of November. 2 new deaths were recorded to bring the total death toll to 118.

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