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Global Statistics

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsNew DeathsTotal RecoveredActive CasesTotal Tests
India 182,143+8,3365,185+20586,93689,7063,952,971
South Africa30,967+1,727643+3216,11614,208701,883
Zambia1,057 7 77927124,275
Eswatini283+42 1681134,994
Malawi279+64 422333,372
Mozambique244+102 9015210,261
Zimbabwe174+144 2914144,635
Botswana35 1 201417,991
Lesotho2    2283

6,160,299 cases of Covid-19 have been reported worldwide including 371.006 deaths.
Brazil which is second to USA in terms of cases yesterday recorded the highest number of new cases as 30.102 were documented to bring the total number to just under the 500 000 mark.

This is the country’s highest daily increase since the beginning of the pandemic. 

As new deaths and cases fall in the United States, Europe and Asia, Latin America now stands as the world’s sole region where the outbreak is unequivocally reaching new heights.

South Africa recorded 1,727 new cases yesterday to bring the total number of cases to 30,967, the number of cases broke the 30 000 mark.

 32 new deaths were recorded and the total death toll now stands at 643. The country has conducted 701, 883 tests country wide. 

Zimbabwe recorded 14 new cases of the pandemic yesterday to bring the total number of cases to 174 while the number of recoveries and deaths remain unchanged. A total of 44. 645  tests have been done to date. 

US withdraws from WHO

President Donald Trump announced that the US would pull out of the World Health Organization after criticizing the group’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and relationship with China.

World Health Organization releases new guidance for outdoor events and mass gatherings.

The World Health Organization on Saturday released new guidance for mass gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic recommending a number of possible changes to large events once they’re allowed to take place. 

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The WHO called on public health authorities and event organizers to perform a risk assessment before any gathering and listed a number of steps organizers could take if large events do occur, such as:

• Staggering arrivals

•Increasing the frequency of transport

• Designating seating

•Venue capacity could also be adjusted

• Events could be held virtually or outdoors

Some recommendations focused on participants, reminding people to observe physical distancing, cough etiquette and hand hygiene practices.

Metal Prices Asia/Europe/NY markets

Markets open on 1 June 2020


SILVER17.8417.95 â€‹+0.5017.35 â€‹18.05
PALLADIUM1860.00 2010.00+3.001824.002037.00


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