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Destructive Veld Fire Leaves Five Families Homeless in Zvishavane: Government and EMA Respond to Crisis


In the wake of a destructive veld fire that left five families homeless in Zvishavane’s Bilashaba area, government officials and the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) have sprung into action to address the crisis.
Lucas Chinhara, the Assistant District Development Coordinator for Zvishavane, affirmed their commitment to providing support, stating, they are trying to mobilize resources to assist the disturbed families. This comes as a ray of hope for the affected families who have been grappling with the devastating loss of their homes.
Sally Maguvu, the Environmental Management Agency Zvishavane District Education and Publicity Officer, emphasized the broader issue of losing land to veld fires. She expressed her concern over the impact on families while assuring the public that various resources are being made available to deal with the aftermath of this disaster.
The veld fire, which razed the homes of five families in the Bilashaba area of Zvishavane district, remains shrouded in mystery. Victims of this tragedy have expressed their deep distress, with some lamenting their lack of knowledge about the fire’s origins, which caught them completely off guard.
This incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for fire prevention and management measures in the region, as the Midlands province has already lost over 25,000 hectares of land to veld fires during the 2023 fire season.

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