Home News Don’t Store Fuel At Home — EMA.

Don’t Store Fuel At Home — EMA.


The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has warned illegal fuel dealers to avoid storing and selling hazardous chemicals such as gas and fuel from their places of residence saying they will put people’s lives and property at risk during the lockdown.

According to the EMA Environmental Education and Publicity Manager Amkela Sidange, anyone caught violating environmental law during the lockdown will be brought to book.

“In the past this has resulted in injuries and loss of both lives and properties. On that note, the agency is calling upon the public to be on the lookout for any such violations and report to any nearest ZRP or EMA office.

“The agency will at the same time remain alert on the ground monitoring and ready to bring to book all those found on the wrong side of the law, but most importantly calling upon the public to act responsibly and exhibit best practices towards sustainable protection of the environment,” she said.

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She also urged local authorities to take the opportunity to clear illegal waste dumps and also forge partnerships with the private sector in adoption of zones for maintenance, and provision of bins in their areas of jurisdiction.

She added that they have observed the violation of environmental laws during the previous lockdown resulting in land degradation and air pollution.

“Observations during previous similar lockdowns has been general complacency by the public and entities resulting in increased land degradation and pollution especially through rampant illegal mining, illegal abstraction and transportation of both river and pit sand, illegal dumping of solid waste and general littering; and non collection of waste by local authorities, just to mention a few,” added Sidange.


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