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Sunday Read: Great Dyke -A Place of Dreams.


By Moses Charedzera

Crossing the Great Dyke at the famous Boterekwa near Shurugwi with is twisting hairpin bends, one is struck with thebreathtaking views and the beauty of the scenic landscape.

Much more however, lies beneath the mountainous terrain stretchingfor an incredible 550 kilometres trending north to south. 

The Great Dyke is without any hesitation the richest mineral bearing geological complex in Zimbabwe. 
It contains huge amount of mineral resources in platinum group metals, chrome, gold, nickel and other minerals. 

It hosts the world’s second largest chrome deposits after South Africa amounting to 10 billion tonnes of ore and over 80% of the world’s resource of metallurgical chrome.

It contains the world’s second largest resource of platinum group metals estimated at 2.8 billion tonnes as well as significant reserves of copper and nickel. In platinum reserves it is also second to South Africa. 

Due to its vast mineral wealth many mining companies and other business entities have made the Great Dyke their home, carved a niche for themselves and made the place a theatre of their dreams.

All along companies operating in the region which have excelled have gone unnoticed but this is about to change now as YAFM radio station and online television portal Great Dyke TV have organised the inaugural Great Dyke Mining and Agricultural Awards to reward excellence and promote growth in companies operating in the mining and agricultural value chains in the region. The awards are slated for the 12th of February 2021.

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YAFM chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere, a product of the Great Dyke says the region is supremely gifted with mineral resources and has produced some of the best in sport and the arts.

“I am proud to have been born and bred in the Great Dyke -theregion of dreams. I am even happy that this year I am leading a team that is organising the inaugural Great Dyke Mining and Agricultural Awards. 

“The Great Dyke is indeed a place of dreams. God has gifted this region with all imaginable minerals from platinum group metals, chrome, gold, diamond and many more. Many large companies are now settled in the Great Dyke-Zimplats, Unki, Zimasco, Mimosa, the iconic Bata and Pote Holdings to name a few.

“Look at the success, even in the sporting field. FC Platinum-representatives of the country at a continental level and many in the musical field have created dreams from the Great Dyke, for example – Devera Ngwena Jazz band, and many more, so its only befitting that as YAFM, Minex and Mejrkh we found it necessary that we reward excellence for those that lead in the Great Dyke. You need to be part of the Great Dyke Mining and Agricultural Awards because the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe should be a successful mission,” says Hwengwere.

Mejrkh Communications and Media Advisory Head of Events Patience Tsikira-Chikombero who is also a product of the Great Dyke says the region is teeming with companies and economic activity which needs to be recognised.

“I am excited to introduce to you the inaugural Great Dyke Mining and Agricultural Awards which are meant to recognise prominent people and corporates within the Great Dyke Region. The Great Dyke region is unique and highly packed with activities that impact on community livelihoods.  There are mining companies, suppliers, buyers, farmers, agricultural companies, NGOs, business people, financial houses,educational institutions you name it.

“I am product of the Great Dyke, born in the City of Progress (Gweru) and a Midlands State University graduate.  I have a fair appreciation of the Great Dyke coming from a place with a lot of myths and a unique selling proposition.   

“Let us all join the awards which will be broadcasted live on the 12th of February this year on Great Dyke TV, YAFM 263 chat, Sly Media and Zimeye Facebook pages,” said Tsikira-Chikombero.


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