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Easter Under Lockdown.


Easter will be a very different experience for Christians around the world this year.

Without the ability to gather together to commemorate and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus, churches are turning to digital technology to worship.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police said Good Friday and Easter holidays will be celebrated under the conditions of the 21-day lockdown and only movement of vehicles with exemptions will be allowed.

Where the emotional narrative of the gospels will depart from the lockdown, however, will be Easter Sunday, which is supposed to be a day of resurrection, joy and coming together. The lockdown, alas, has no end in sight. It’s as if Lent just keeps on going.

Even if we assume that most Chreasters attend church for cultural rather than strictly religious reasons, there will still be something missing for them and regular churchgoers this year.
The lost opportunity to gather with one another in a community, to experience thanks and praise – and to do so within buildings often hundreds of years old, with songs and spoken words often thousands of years old.

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It is a lost opportunity felt most grievously when now is a time of loss – loss of normality, of society and, desperately, of individual life.

Share your experiences

How will you be marking Easter this year? Are you adapting your usual traditions to a life under lockdown, perhaps having a Sunday lunch over video chat, or bringing an Easter egg hunt indoors? Are you taking part in any official Easter events under lockdown? Or will you be setting some new traditions this year?

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