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El Niño’s Grip: Rural Women Plead for Governmental Aid in Weathering the Storm


As El Niño wreaks havoc on rural households, it’s devastating impact becomes increasingly apparent, casting a shadow on the future. The natural climate pattern, notorious for heightened heat and prolonged drought in certain regions, has started to take its toll on these communities.
In an interview with Great Dyke News, women residing in remote areas of the Great Dyke shared myriad of challenges they currently confront due to the adverse effects of the weather. Stripped of viable means to sustain their families and unable to facilitate their children’s education, these women find themselves at a critical crossroads.
Amidst their struggles, these women are fervently urging the government for assistance in tackling the ramifications of El Niño. Their plea involves the allocation of small land parcels within local irrigation zones, a modest yet potentially transformative opportunity to cultivate tomatoes and vegetables—an endeavor aimed at securing sustenance for their families.
In conversations with The Great Dyke News, a predominant sentiment emerges among rural women, echoing their urgent need for governmental support to initiate income-generating projects, particularly in poultry farming. Simultaneously, they emphasize the necessity for land allocations within irrigation zones to kickstart horticultural production, underscoring the tangible measures crucial for their sustenance and economic empowerment.

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