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Election Dates Proclaimed by President


In a significant development, the President has officially proclaimed the 23rd of August 2023 as the date for the upcoming Harmonized Elections. The announcement sets in motion the electoral process, marking a crucial milestone for the country’s democratic journey.

According to Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana, the Nomination Court is scheduled to sit on the 21st of June 2023. This court session will play a vital role in the selection and confirmation of candidates from various political parties who will be contesting in the elections.

Additionally, in the event of a Run-off, the designated date is set for the 23rd of October 2023. This provision allows for a secondary election in case no candidate secures an outright majority in the initial round.

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The proclamation of election dates generates anticipation and sparks political activity across the nation. Political parties, candidates, and voters will now focus their efforts on preparations, campaigns, and strategizing for the upcoming electoral process.

It is expected that the election period will be characterized by intense debates, rallies, and engagements as political stakeholders seek to win the confidence and support of the electorate.

With the election dates proclaimed, all eyes will now turn to the Nomination Court and subsequent campaign activities leading up to the Harmonized Elections on the 23rd of August. The nation eagerly awaits this democratic milestone.


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