Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Election Dates Proclaimed by President

In a significant development, the President has officially proclaimed the 23rd of August 2023 as the date for the upcoming Harmonized Elections....

Breaking: Dr Masuka Awarded Best Performing Minister in 2022

The Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Dr. Anxious Masuka has been awarded Best Performing Minister at the...

Mining Sector Rebounds-COMZ

The Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe has revealed that the mining industry is on a recovery path rebounding by 3.4% in 2021...

Forex Auction System Anchored On Mining And Agriculture

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe says the foreign currency auction system in anchored by earning from mining and the agricultural sector.

2021 Bumber Harvest Pays Off For Local Maize Sheller Manufacturer

2021 Bumber Harvest Pays Off For Local Maize Sheller Manufacturer

Let’s Prevent Lockdowns By All Means: Zim Health Experts

Health experts from Zvishavane have urged people to get vaccinated so that the area reaches herd immunity. Speaking during the Zvishavane -Towards herd...

Gold Output Tumbles Due To Leakages-Govt.

Gold output during the first quarter of 2021 stood at 4,311 kgs compared to 6,152 kgs produced in the same period in...

Coronavirus Watch

Global Statistics CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsNew DeathsTotal RecoveredActive CasesTotal TestsWorld52,422,060+613,7411,288,899+10,18436,668,53714,464,624USA10,708,630+142,808247,397+1,4786,648,6793,812,554161,916,982India8,684,039+48,285128,165+5508,064,548491,326120,769,151Brazil5,749,007+47,724163,406+5645,064,344521,25721,900,000France1,865,538+35,87942,535+328133,6961,689,30718,282,590Russia1,836,960+19,85131,593+4321,369,357436,01066,100,000Africa1,930,482+14,16346,357+3321,629,090255,035South Africa742,394+2,14020,011+60686,45835,9255,037,782Morocco270,626+5,4614,506+81221,74344,3773,553,127Egypt109,881+2276,405+11100,6622,8141,000,000Ethiopia100,727+4001,545+862,49736,6851,539,653Tunisia74,522+1,5292,100+9451,75020,672391,757Zambia17,036+3935016,070616312,023Mozambique13,991+99104+511,9591,928205,952Namibia13,292+3913411,7391,419136,997Zimbabwe8,667+572558,046366168,845Botswana7,835275,5342,274330,611Eswatini6,044+201175,74418355,197Malawi5,955+21855,36640467,281Lesotho2,026441,02995323,574 Coronavirus has spread to 217...

Fuel Salaries Hit The Market.

These days innovation is the mother of necessity and it seems Zimbabweans have it in abundance. The reality...

Today’s Exchange Rates.

(Updated on 2020-01-03) USD/RTGS 1 : 22.7(high)