In a remarkable feat of endurance and determination, FC Platinum Football Club President Dr. Blessing Garamumhango has pushed his physical limits by successfully completing his first Comrades Marathon. After previously summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, Dr. Garamumhango sought a new challenge and found it in the prestigious ultra-marathon.

Dr. Garamumhango, who has been running marathons since 2021, decided to participate in the Comrades Marathon to further test his boundaries. “I’ve always wanted to push the boundaries,” he said, reflecting on his decision to tackle the demanding race. The marathon, known for its grueling distance and challenging terrain, proved to be a perfect match for his adventurous spirit.

On his debut, Dr. Garamumhango completed the marathon in an impressive time of 9 hours and 55 minutes. This achievement marked a significant improvement over his previous “down run” time of 10 hours and 54 minutes, shaving nearly an hour off his record. “I set out a plan to improve my time, and I managed to achieve that goal,” he shared with evident pride.

The Comrades Marathon, which stretches from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, is notorious for its tough course filled with steep climbs and numerous obstacles. Despite the challenges, Dr. Garamumhango’s dedication and rigorous training paid off. “The road from Durban to Pietermaritzburg is full of obstacles, but with determination and hard work, you can overcome anything,” he emphasized.

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Dr. Garamumhango’s motivation to participate in the marathon stemmed from a desire to see how far he could push his body and spirit. “There’s no limit to the human spirit. If you set your mind to achieving something and work hard, you can do it,” he said, encapsulating his philosophy of perseverance and ambition.

Reflecting on his achievement, Dr. Garamumhango expressed his joy and satisfaction. “The excitement of being able to achieve a set target is the definition of happiness. I was very happy yesterday because I reached my goal,” he recounted.

Despite the race attracting over 20,000 participants, Dr. Garamumhango remains humble, emphasizing personal improvement over competition. “We are not doing this for positions. For many of us, it’s about improving our personal bests,” he explained.

Dr. Garamumhango’s inspiring journey from marathon runner to Comrades Marathon finisher underscores the power of determination and the relentless pursuit of personal goals. His story serves as a testament to pushing boundaries and striving for excellence, both on the track and in life.


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