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First Weekend Under Lockdown.


Zimbabweans are “angry” after their first weekend under lockdown, Great Dyke News 24 reports.

Covid-19 has been playing havoc with Zimbabwean’s emotions over the last week.

The coronavirus lockdown came seemingly out of nowhere. Last week we were getting to grips with properly washing our hands, and the next we are barely allowed out. We now have to work, educate children and relax all from home. 

You can’t get a drink at the pub, go for a movie, to church or workout at the gym, so how on earth will you spend this long weekend?

 The Zimbabwe Republic Police warned citizens against drinking in groups outside their places of residence or in their cars for they will be defying social distancing and increasing the risk of spreading this deadly disease.

From the analyses of social media messages,GreatDyke News 24 found the following:

– Zimbabweans are mad at police because of the aggressive and violent manner the Covid-19 regulations are being enforced.

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– Angry about people being greedy and making money out of Covid-19, when the country is suffering;

– Angry at government for playing politics in a time of fear, and uncertainty about the future;

– Angry about being isolated, cut-off, and having no way to release stress or alleviate depression and anxiety;

– Concerned about the increase in domestic violence, not only men towards women, but among all members of the household;

– Being stuck at home and then also having to endure load water challenges.

– Lack of groceries after the rich bought everything;

“Family time” seems to be one of the few positives. In this never-ending rat race, being able to spend quality time with our loved ones seems to be our saving grace. Other positives mentioned are “time for self-reflection” and “time to turn to God”.


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