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Former Herdboy To Launch An Inspirational Book.


Bamlo Investments founder Banabasi Marambire is set to launch an inspirational autobiography which is a must read for diverse socio-cultural and economic audiences especially those in the business sector. The book launch is set for the 7th of August in the capital.

According to Marambire, the book titled ‘The Herdboy’ is based on a true story of an orphan who ascended to business glory through hard work.

“It is a book whose principles and values directly speak to entrepreneurs. Banabasi Marambire’s story is a vivid life testimony that is inspirational and very emotional.

“However, the book cherishes and celebrates the spirit of hard work and undying perseverance regardless of the socio-economic and political circumstances that one may be facing.

“Although the book cherishes the idea that education is important in our lives there is a cautionary note that attaining education alone does not guarantee anything,” Marambire said.

At one point it seems all was lost in Marambire’s life with both of his parents having died when he was at the tender age of thirteen.

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From dreams of success to be a medical doctor, Marambire found himself herding cattle and earning a meagre USD$15 a month. Far from allowing the odds to beat him, he demonstrated the transformative power of dreaming and following one’s dream.

Marambire’s story denounces the mainstream thought that failing in school means one will obviously fail in life.

The book registers that of course failure is experienced by everyone at some point, and that where possible it should be avoided and must also be perceived as a mere temporary setback rather than a permanent condition.

 The book acknowledges that it is not failure which really matters but how we react to failure in our effort to picking and piecing together the broken pieces of failure.

Today Marambire owns more than five businesses employing more than 200 people and has been recognised by the Alibaba founder Jack Ma as one of the most outstanding young entrepreneurs in Africa.


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