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From Adversity to Achievement: A Son’s Gratitude for a Mother’s Unbreakable Love


In the heart of Zimbabwe lies a place called Mutoko, a place where natural beauty merges with the strength of community.

It is in this backdrop that my journey began, shaped by the challenges and triumphs of a growth point that moulded its inhabitants with resilience and determination.

Amidst the rolling hills “kunorira pfene” and vibrant landscapes “kunorimwa mapuno”, a woman stood tall, embodying the true spirit of Mutoko – my mother Tredah Ncube “Mai Joe”.

As I celebrate my 31st birthday today, I reflect on the indomitable strength she displayed, the unwavering support she provided, and the countless sacrifices she made to pave the way for my success.

Mutoko, with its breathtaking scenery and rich cultural heritage, served as the foundation upon which my mother’s unwavering strength was built.

It is a place where the warmth of community radiates through every interaction, where neighbors become family, and where resilience is a way of life.

Growing up, I witnessed my mother navigate the challenges of limited employment opportunities, yet her determination never wavered.

Through sheer perseverance, she found work, often juggling multiple responsibilities to ensure our family’s well-being.

Despite the odds stacked against her, she refused to be defined by circumstances, embracing each day with unwavering tenacity.

One particular memory stands out, etched vividly in my mind, encapsulating the essence of my mother’s dedication. It was a cold day in Mutoko as my father’s sudden passing away cast a dark cloud over our lives.
I was just a young boy, in Form 3, grappling with the weight of grief and uncertainty. Left with my two young sisters, Nkosi and Siphi, my mother became our sole provider and guiding light.

In the face of adversity, my mother’s strength shone brilliantly. She embraced the role of both parents, working tirelessly to ensure we had food on our table, clothes to cover our bodies, and opportunities to pursue our dreams.

I watched in awe as she transformed herself into a pillar of resilience, overcoming the pain that threatened to engulf her, all for the sake of her children.

Growing up, I never imagined the path my life would take. But through my mother’s unwavering support and her belief in my potential, I discovered my passion for multimedia.

From harnessing my writing skills to capturing moments through photography and videography, I found myself venturing into media consultancy and public relations .

In this world, I could utilise my talents to make a difference. Today, I stand as a testament to her love and determination, a living embodiment of her sacrifices.

September, the month of my birth, holds a bittersweet significance. It symbolises the pain my mother endured, from the moment she brought me into this world to the present day.

Through sleepless nights, countless worries, and the weight of responsibility, she faced each challenge with unwavering resolve.

September reminds me of the times we faced financial hardships when she worked multiple jobs and cross border trading to ensure our needs were met.

It embodies the sacrifices she made, sacrificing her own dreams so that my sisters and I could have a chance at a better life.

As I celebrate my 31st birthday, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my mother’s selflessness.

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Her love transcends time and boundaries, guiding me through life’s challenges and celebrating my achievements.

Her unwavering support has not only shaped my professional endeavors but also enabled me to find love and fulfillment in my personal life. I am now happily married, blessed with a life I once thought unattainable.

To my dearest mother, I want to express my deepest gratitude. Thank you for being my rock, my inspiration, and my guiding light.

Your sacrifices, love, and unwavering care have propelled me forward, allowing me to overcome the adversities that surrounded me. You are the embodiment of strength and resilience, and I am forever indebted to you.

Education, my mother believed, was the key to transcending the limitations imposed by our surroundings. Her unwavering support for my education became the cornerstone of my success.

I recall moments when she sacrificed her own needs to ensure I had the necessary resources to pursue my dreams.

From working extra hours to save for textbooks and extra lessons to encouraging me during late-night study sessions, her love for learning became infectious.

It was her belief in my potential that propelled me forward, inspiring me to strive for excellence and overcome any obstacles that came my way.

As I reflect on my journey, I cannot ignore the stark contrast that exists between my life and the lives of my childhood friends. Many of them fell prey to the allure of the streets, with some succumbing to the clutches of jail cells or the dark world of drug addiction.

In those critical moments, my mother’s guidance and support became my guiding light. She shielded me from the temptations that surrounded me, instilling in me the values of discipline, perseverance, and self-belief.

Her unwavering love became the foundation upon which I built a different trajectory, one that led me toward a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

My mother’s love knows no bounds, and her words resonate deep within my soul. “I dreamed of a life where you could soar beyond any limitations,” she once said. Her dreams became my own, woven into the fabric of my aspirations.

Through her love, I discovered the immense power of a mother’s unwavering support. It is a love that knows no boundaries, conquering the darkest moments and igniting the flame of hope within my heart.

As I celebrate my 31st birthday, I am humbled by the milestones I have achieved. Each success is a testament to my mother’s unwavering guidance and support, from academic triumphs to career advancements.

Her sacrifices paved the way for my accomplishments, and through her love, she continues to be the driving force behind my aspirations.

As I reflect on my journey, I cannot help but acknowledge the profound impact of my late father’s presence, even in his absence.

His words of advice and the discipline he instilled in me have shaped the man I have become. The memories, both tender and challenging, remain eternally imprinted in my heart.

On this special day, I invite every reader to reflect upon their own relationships with their mothers or mother figures.

Let us express our gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices and love we have received. May we cherish these remarkable women who shape our lives, for they are the true architects of our happiness and success.


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