Home News Government Expected To Ease Covid-19 Restrictions.

Government Expected To Ease Covid-19 Restrictions.


Health experts and business people say they expect government to ease the Covid-19 restrictions to allow businesses to resume operation, but not to remove the lockdown completely as the pandemic is still an existential threat.

Health expert Dr Enoch Mayida said the lockdown, which was a necessary evil after a spike in cases over the festive period, was effective as shown by the decline in daily infection and death numbers.

“During the second wave period, we experienced another covid-19 strain that is being claimed to have come through South Africa. This deadly strain which affected everyone even government officials is what led to the current national lockdown.

“If we look at the positive and death cases, they have decreased, l would like to thank the government for the lockdown,” said Dr Mayida.

Businessman Masimba Kuchera anticipates a relaxation in restrictions.

“There might be an ease to the lockdown restrictions, we have seen this in the past two weeks.

“The President of Zimbabwe said businesses could now operate only if they follow the World Health Organisation regulations. We can see that the Council has been granted the authority to allow other people to resume work,” said Kuchera.

The current Level Four national lockdown lapses today and President Emerson Mnangagwa is expected to announce new ordinances to guide the reopening of the economy while mitigating against further spread of Covid-19.

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