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Great Dyke Awards Set for Next Month


The Great Dyke Awards, a highly anticipated annual event that recognizes outstanding achievements in various sectors in the 550km stretch along the Great Dyke Region, that includes mining, agriculture, tourism and the manufacturing industry has been slated for the 16th of June 2023 in Gweru.

The awards will be hosted by Buy Zimbabwe in partnership with Mejrkh Communications and Media Advisory, while YAFM is the media partner. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is the invited Guest of Honour.

Speaking to Great Dyke News, Buy Zimbabwe Chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere said this year the Great Dyke Awards have expanded from a mining and agriculture function to a diversified event covering the manufacturing, tourism and sporting industries.

“ What we realized is we liken mining to a mustard seed.  It is important but remember a mustard seed creates what is bigger than itself. The bread that comes from a mustard seed is bigger than the seed.

“Great Dyke has created a bigger ecosystem than mining. Whilst the economy revolves around mining we have a huge aquifer and it is strong in agriculture.

“We have realized that there are many economic activities; tourism is big, look at the banking sector, the manufacturing sector, look at sporting , FC Platinum , Sheasham , and the media.  So we recognized that it is actually doing injustice to ourselves to continue saying mining and agriculture and yet mining and agriculture is just  a mustered seed . We need to recognize the broader ecosystem “,he said.

Hwengwere noted that the Great Dyke contributes significantly to the national economy , hence the need to recognise its contribution through the awards.

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“If you look at agriculture on its own its US$8.2 billion and a significant part is from the Great Dyke. If you look at mining, US$12 billion by 2023, thats already US$20 billion. If you look at tourism the target is US$5 billion. Vision 2030 can only be realized if the Great Dyke is made to tick , that’s why hosting these awards to recognize Champions in the Great Dyke is so important,” he added.

 The Buy Zimbabwe Chairman highlighted that the Great Dyke is surrounded with richness of minerals ranging from platinum, gold chrome as well as lithium.

“The Great Dyke is arguably one of the world and obviously Zimbabwe’s most unique richest geological feature. It stretches over 550 km and primarily you find any mineral of any kind particularly PGMs, chrome, gold and now increasingly we realise it has lithium as well.

“Within the Great Dyke you find the largest concentration of towns and cities, Gweru, Kwekwe, Kadoma, Zvishavane ,Shurugwi and Chegutu. Within the Great Dyke you find the largest concentration of schools. So this is Zimbabwe amplified on its richness,” he said.

The Great Dyke Awards were originally established to celebrate excellence in mining and agriculture but now encompass other sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, tertiary education, retail and wholesale. They also seek to promote innovation, sustainability and best practices in industry. The awards are open to companies , individuals and organisations that have made significant contributions to the national economy over the past year.

This year’s awards will feature a range of categories including PGM Producer of the Year, Farmers Support Champion of the Year,   Retailer of the Year, Champion Manufacturer of the Year,  Champion Agro Producer  of the Year and Tourism and Hospitality Champion of the Year.

The awards will also recognize individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions in the the arts, sports and business. The Great Dyke Awards are  a key event in Zimbabwe and they attract a wide range of industry stakeholders including mining companies , government officials investors and suppliers. The ceremony provides an opportunity for mining professionals to network , share knowledge and celebrate the achievements of their peers.


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