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Lithium Mining Sparks Economic Boom in Mberengwa


Mberengwa is undergoing a remarkable transformation with the surge in lithium mining, hailed by traditional leaders as a significant positive that has bolstered the economic prospects of numerous youths through increased employment opportunities.

Chief Ngungumbane, told Great Dyke News, that lithium mining activities have had a positive impact in the region. Notably, Sandawana mining company has emerged as a key player employing approximately 300 youths and contributing significantly to the local employment scenario.

Chief Ngungumbane highlighted the broader positive influence of the mining operations, emphasizing the collaborative efforts with other stakeholders in advancing infrastructure development.

Zimbabwe earned $209 million from lithium exports in the first nine months of 2023, nearly treble last year’s earnings according to the mines ministryAfrica’s top lithium producer, Zimbabwe hopes demand for the mineral, which is key for renewable energy storage, will help revive the economy.

Lithium is set to become Zimbabwe’s third biggest mineral export after gold and platinum group metals, which registered $2.46 billion and $2.27 billion in export receipts last year.

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