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Agriculture Committees Enhance Information Flow to Farmers


The Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development has taken a proactive step towards fostering collaboration and improving information dissemination in the agricultural sector. Agriculture committees, comprised of experts from diverse fields, have been established to enhance the flow of crucial information to farmers.

In an interview with Great Dyke News, Leonard Munamati, the acting Director for Crops Production, emphasized the significance of including Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and media experts in these committees. Munamati explained that these professionals play a pivotal role in collecting data and statistics directly from farmers.

Information which will then be used to tailor advice and guidance, which will be disseminated through various communication channels.

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Munamati clarified that the committees are designed not only to ensure the accuracy of data collection and analysis but also to account for variations in farming practices across different regions and cultures. Beyond the Ministry, Munamati highlighted the inclusive nature of the committees, involving key stakeholders such as the Agritex division, universities, private sector entities, and civil society organizations.

Speaking further, Munamati underscored that the primary objective of these committees is to encourage active participation and engagement from all stakeholders in the critical processes of data collection and analysis.


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