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Minister Warns of Agricultural Challenges: Driest Start to Rainy Season in 40 Years Threatens Crop Viability

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In a stark revelation, Agriculture Minister Dr. Anxious Masuka disclosed that the commencement of the 2023-24 agriculture season marks the driest start in forty years, significantly impacting crops nationwide. The minister, speaking recently, expressed deep concern over the brevity of the season, which witnessed rains from mid-December to the end of January before abruptly disappearing.

According to Dr. Masuka, the visibly stressed crops are heading towards permanent wilting due to the unprecedented dry spell, posing a serious threat to agricultural yields.

IN 40Meanwhile the Met Department has forecasted that rains will fall this month.

Head meteorologist James Ngoma, in a recent statement to Great Dyke News, indicated that the 2023/24 rain season might not be entirely over.

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Despite the challenging conditions, Ngoma offered a glimmer of hope, noting that scattered showers are expected this month, albeit unevenly distributed.

Ngoma acknowledged the current presence of light and isolated showers in various parts of the country.

Importantly, he assured the public that the rainy season is not conclusively concluded, with a possibility of additional rains in March.


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