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MRAZ Elevates Mine Rescue Preparedness with Revamped National Workload Training Centre at Gaths Mine


The Mine Rescue Association of Zimbabwe (MRAZ) is currently in the process of reconstructing its National Workload Training Centre located at Gaths Mine in Mashava, with the primary objective of ensuring that mine rescue brigades are adequately prepared and physically fit to undertake demanding rescue missions.

In an interview with Mining Zimbabwe, Emmanuel Chigwa, the spokesperson for MRAZ, emphasized the pivotal role the revamped center will play in enhancing the physical fitness of rescue brigades, catering to both fresh air and proto teams.

Chigwa detailed the comprehensive nature of the facility’s training regimen, which encompasses a range of endurance exercises. These activities include throwing 10 sandbags over a wall, carrying 10 steel pipes over a short distance, and navigating challenging terrain by throwing marble rocks through a horizontal column on the ground, followed by a segment of crawling.

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Highlighting the significance of physical training, Chigwa underscored components such as carrying marble rocks, climbing, and crossing a vertical column. He further elaborated on the unique challenges posed by underground scenarios, where trainees navigate inclined columns, creating a rigorous and realistic training environment.

The MRAZ spokesperson emphasized the critical role of the center in fostering the skills and physical resilience essential for effective mine rescue operations. The revamped National Workload Training Centre stands as a testament to MRAZ’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety and preparedness within the mining industry.


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