Home News Lockdown Level 2: Ximex In Pictures.

Lockdown Level 2: Ximex In Pictures.


Since the advent of wheeler dealers in Harare, some parts of the city have gained notoriety because of illicit activities that take place there.

One such place is the former Ximex Mall’s environs, the area bordered by Jason Moyo Avenue, Angwa Street and Inez Terrace.

Before the lockdown, the place was commonly referred to as the dealer’s paradise after it was invaded by illegal foreign currency dealers and traders of phones, Ipads, laptops ,clothes commonly referred to as “fashion police” and other electronic gadgets.

Pedestrians, especially women are sometimes abused as they walk past and it is difficult to walk on the pavements because they are usually congested.

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Some areas around the park stink because due to the absence of toilets, traders relieve themselves in the open.

Great Dyke News 24, today visited the place to assess if the dealers are back in the streets or not.
Below are some of the pictures.


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