Home Crime and Courts Masvingo Police Apprehend Criminal Quartet: Loot Valued at Over $5,000 Recovered

Masvingo Police Apprehend Criminal Quartet: Loot Valued at Over $5,000 Recovered


Police in Masvingo have apprehended four suspects involved in a series of criminal activities, culminating in seven robbery cases with a staggering 17 counts. The arrests, made on February 25 and 26, 2024, not only halted their spree but also led to the recovery of loot valued at over USA $5,000.

The suspects, identified as Jaccob Enjoyment Danda (36), Michael Moyo (Joseph Ushe) (27), Tinashe Marufu (23), and Prince Ncube (37), were apprehended following a daring home invasion in Zimre Park, Masvingo low-density area. Armed with machetes, they targeted a residence, robbing four occupants of laptops, cash, and cellphones.

The ensuing police operation was triggered when two of the suspects, Michael Moyo and Jaccob Enjoyment Danda, ventured to Dhiyo business center. The vigilant eye of a private vehicle driver raised suspicions, prompting a swift police response that resulted in their arrest at Mhandamahwe tollgate. A subsequent search yielded three laptops, six iPhones, as well as tools of their trade, including two iron bars, a plier, a torch, and a screwdriver.

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The investigative trail revealed that the suspects had been operating in Masvingo CBD since January 23, 2024.

Tinashe Marufu and Prince Ncube were later apprehended in Zaka on February 26, 2024, completing the roundup of the criminal quartet.

All four suspects are currently assisting the police with investigations, and they are expected to face charges related to the spate of robberies.


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