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Mimosa Excels In CSR Work


Nestled on the Wedza Complex of the Great Dyke is Mimosa’s operations. The platinum miner is the second largest among three Platinum Group Miners operating along the Great Dyke.

In the financial year which ended in June 2020 Mimosa produced 123 000 ounces of platinum in concentrate, exceeding its target of 120 000 ounces and is targeting to produce at the same level during the current financial year. The miner processes ore to concentrate level before ferrying it to South Africa for further processing.

What is remarkable about Mimosa is its commitment to forging mutually beneficial relationships with its stakeholders, especially the host community. The company’s interventions in the community are guided by the twin philosophies of Investing Beyond Mining and Let’s Go Zero.

The first one recognises the finiteness of the extractable resource Mimosa is mining and leverages on current production to invest in projects in the community that leave lasting legacies and outlive the life of mine.

The second strategic thrust emphasises the importance of safety and the elimination of all harm in mining operations and in the surrounding community.

In its corporate social investments, Mimosa has excelled by setting aside a certain percentage of its total revenue every year which is within the region of US$2,5 million to US$3 million for its projects in the community.Last year the miner handed over two key projects in the local community to the government.

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The first was a private ward which they constructed and equipped at Zvishavane District Hospital and the other a double story girls’ hostel at Zvishavane Vocational Training Centre. Both projects were worth US$1,115,239.Since the 90s, Mimosa has been active in the community and has intervened in the areas of health, education, water and sanitation as well as infrastructure.

Many health facilities and learning institutions have been upgraded at both local, regional and national levels. The impact of Mimosa’s CSR work has been felt nationally at Masvingo, Mpilo, Chitungwiza and Harare hospitals as well as at St Giles Rehabilitation Centre among other health institutions.

Mimosa is now geared towards focusing on sustainable projects in the host community and at national level where there is national significance and impact.Among other sustainable corporate social responsibility programmes, the mining house has come up with is livestock revitalisation and irrigation programmes in a number of wards within Zvishavane and surrounding areas.

The livestock revitalisation programme seeks to enhance cattle stock through use of pedigree bulls and artificial insemination to improve animal genetics. The programme is implemented in partnership with the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society and the Department of Veterinary Services.

Working with the Friends of the Environment FOTE, on one of the company’s key sustainable projects, Mimosa has set up the Mtshingwe Nursery, which is the biggest plant seedling nursery by any mining house.

Focus is now on enhancing it to diversify the existing activities to include community orchards, horticultural produce, herbs, honey and stock feed grasses to support the livestock project. This will ultimately create safety nets for the communities to rely on in adapting to and mitigating climatic shocks.

To reward excellence and honour companies operating in the Great Dyke, YAFM and Great Dyke TV will host the inaugural Great Dyke Mining and Agriculture Awards on the 25th of February 2021.The awards are open to companies in the mining and agriculture value chains within the Great Dyke region.


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