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Sunday Read:My Battle with Covid-19-Survivor.


In this week’s installment of the My Battle With Covid-19, a young man, Brandon Sande (aged23) gives his testimony of fighting the disease even though he tested negative to covid-19. 

Possibilities are that he might have gone for the test during the window period before the virus has moved up to the back of the nostrils or throat.

 Alternatively, it could be errors in how the sample was taken and processed. Sande participated in the Beating Covid-19 Infections webinar hosted by YAFM and Great Dyke TV on the 29th of January 2021.

My name is Brandon. I am a covid-19 survivor. It was on the 3rdof January when I had an elevated heart rate and my blood pressure was up and I had minor headache. Because I had a fair bit of gym, and I’m pretty aware of my health, I knew something wasn’t right, so on the 4th of January I rang my aunt who is a senior doctor at Parirenyatwa Hospital to get assistance. 

She came home and picked me up and we decided to go for a PCR test at Lancet Laboratories in the avenues. I never thought I was experiencing covid-19. I thought it was some random sickness since I believed that people in my age bracket would be fine. I wasn’t so much concerned about covid-19.

We waited for about 45 hours for the test and unfortunately the results came back as negative and I was very anxious seeing what was happening worldwide. People are dying, some who are rich, some who are poor and others who look fat. 

So, I started feeling some chest pains and I had loss of energy. I went through the worst time I have ever experienced and my aunt confirmed the developments to my mum that I was not feeling well and I had tested negative for covid-19.

 So, I was going through a very rough time and I was having challenges when it comes to breathing. I had fatigue and the challenges that I was having breathing made me think my life was coming to an end.

I steamed a lot and it proved to be so vital for me and I took traditional herbs which proved to be so vital to me. 

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On the 8th of January my breathing challenges were so bad and on a level I had never experienced and I thought these were my last days on earth.

To be honest I had to pray about it and I was going through a rough time.  I was someone who used to take covid-19 like it’s something which is a hoax. I never took it seriously and I was someone who was negligent. Some of the times I never used to wear a mask and I used to go to fast spreader events.

I took a lot of vitamins which helped me a lot. I lost sense of taste so vitamins proved to be so vital for me.

I took a lot of avocados, oranges, apples and bananas. It took me something like two weeks treatment for me to overcome covid-19 and steaming proved to be so vital and I also took antibiotics. 

Covid 19 is a deadly virus and I wouldn’t want anyone to have it and it seems that a lot of people are not taking covid-19 seriously. I was one of the people who was not taking covid-19 seriously.

My mum was very worried about me but I told her this was not the time to get into contact with each other. We would use WhatsApp video call for contact while we were in the same house and I told her that I had to protect her and wouldn’t want her to cry.

Today I am just glad that I am alive and I had to overcome covid-19. I urge all viewers to be so responsible for their loved ones to make sure that they sanitise their hands, they keep on wearing masks since covid-19 is killing a lot of people.


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