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Mining and Agriculture Companies Challenged to Invest in CSR


Mining and Agricultural Companies in the Great Dyke have been urged to continue investing in Corporate Social Responsibility projects partnership with local authorities.

In his speech at Great Dyke Mining and Agriculture Awards, Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo who was the guest of honour said mining and agriculture have been catalysts for economic growth in the Great Dyke.

“It is pleasing to note that under the devolution mantra, which has been pronounced by His Excellency the President, miners and agricultural entities are contributing to the district and provincial gross domestic product, thus boosting development in local authorities. 

“They have become a catalyst for growth of local authority revenues.  Agriculture has provided a low entry cost investment that provides sustenance to the majority of the people who live in rural districts. 

“67 percent of our people in rural areas live off the land, and that is why it is so vital to continue investing in agriculture if we are to enhance livelihoods and achieve vison 2030 of transforming to a middle-income economy. 

“Apart from investments in agriculture mining companies have also invested in health, education, infrastructure and even sport in local authorities,” he said.

He added that,” I applaud this relationship and call for closer cooperation between mining companies and local authorities. 

He challenged the pulse of the Great Dyke, YAFM to use its communication abilities to promote closer ties business players and the communities.

“All along companies operating in the local authorities in the region which have excelled have gone unnoticed but this has now changed, thanks to the efforts of YAFM radio station and online television portal Great Dyke TV,” he added.

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Meanwhile, Moses Zuva scooped the Great Dyke TV sponsored Gold Buyer of the Year Award for delivering the highest kilogrammes of gold to Fidelity Printers and Refiners

Banabasi Marambire scooped the Most Outstanding Businessperson of the Year Award. The award honors businesses that have demonstrated Business acumen for the high revenue amounting to millions of dollars and high revenue growth rate.

Makanaka investments owner Dr Anthony Clever Pote walked away with Cell Insurance sponsored Lifetime Business Achievement Award for demonstrating outstanding commitment to business and created impactful outcomes to the community in the Great Dyke over a sustained period of time.

The diversified company has interests in the hospitality industry, logistics, hardware, retail mining and agriculture.

Platinum Miner Mimosa scooped the CSR Award for having the most robust CSR initiatives and the most impactful outcomes on the local community.

The Best Covid-19 Livelihoods Award was given to Zimasco for implementing the best livelihoods support program in the Great Dyke at a time when communities have been affected by the pandemic.

Cell insurance scooped the Best Mining Insurance provider of the year for its dominance in the provision of insurance to the mining sector in the Great Dyke region. 

YAFM, and online television portal Great Dyke TV, hosted the inaugural Great Dyke Mining and Agriculture Awards.  

The awards were sponsored by Zimasco, Cell Insurance, Pote Holdings, Great Dyke Investments and Barmlo Investments.


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