Home Mining Minister Fumes Over Gaika Mine Gold Ore Looting.

Minister Fumes Over Gaika Mine Gold Ore Looting.


The Minister of State for Midlands Province Senator Larry Mavhima has fumed over the looting of gold ore at Gaika mine by illegal miners saying they are leaving no stone unturned in making sure that the rule of law is adhered to in the province.

Gaika Mine has attracted media attention after a group of illegal miners besieged the mine making the place a no-go area prompting the state security apparatus to act by deploying personnel to seal off the mine mid-month.

According to Mavhima, government will ensure that property rights are respected to attract investors in the province.

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“Zimbabwe is a law-abiding country and we cannot allow people to run amok and do whatever they want to do. This is the rule of law is implemented. We want people to respect the rule of law. This is unacceptable and as the Minister of State for the Midlands Province l will ensure that the rule of law is maintained and property rights respected to ensure that investors come to Midlands and invest in all sectors of the economy,” he said.

Gaika Mine is owned by Jersey-based, Duration Gold, which acquired several mines in the country back in 2006 and kept them under care and maintenance due to the volatile political situation in the country at time.


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