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Police Call on Political Parties to Uphold Law and Order, Warn Against Unsanctioned Gatherings


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has called upon political parties to contribute to the maintenance of law and order in the nation. They have done so by urging these parties to refrain from conducting unsanctioned car rallies, processions, and other celebratory events without prior notification to local regulatory authorities, as outlined in the Maintenance of Order and Peace Act Chapter 11:23.
In an official statement, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the National Spokesperson for the ZRP, issued a stern warning that any unlawful political gatherings will be met with appropriate measures by the police.
He emphasized the ZRP’s awareness of certain political activists’ endeavors to mobilize small groups of individuals, encouraging their movement to Harare. These individuals claim the purpose of their gathering is for a citizen voter audit and peaceful demonstrations, but the police assert that this has led to an upsurge in social media posts wherein some parties are advocating violence and making threats. These actions appear to be aimed at creating fear and unease among the citizens of Zimbabwe.
Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi reiterated that law enforcement will not hesitate to make arrests in cases involving such criminal elements. The police are committed to upholding peace and security within the nation and will take necessary actions to prevent any potential disruption of the prevailing order

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