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Sabi Gold Mine Resuscitation Garners Ministerial Praise for Anmack Mining, Production Up 166.67%


Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Owen Ncube has lauded Anmack Mining Private Limited for its successful efforts in reviving the Sabi Gold Mine.

During a tour of the mine, Minister Ncube commended the company for its comprehensive refurbishment initiatives, which included the restoration of essential infrastructure such as underground mining compressed air systems, water reticulation systems, and travel ways. Anmack Mining also invested in upgrading the mine’s capacity by installing an underground loading station and deepening the shaft from level 11 to level 14.

Furthermore, Minister Ncube highlighted Anmack Mining’s commitment to enhancing production capacity, noting the significant increase in the crushing plant’s throughput from 400 tonnes per day to 1,200 tonnes per day, achieved through the installation of a primary crusher.

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He indicated that this investment has resulted in a remarkable improvement in gold production, with reported monthly ore processing averaging 2,000 tonnes and gold bullion production increasing from 15kg to an average of 40kg per month.

The minister also commended Sabi Gold Mine’s exemplary adherence to regulatory frameworks, particularly its commitment to selling gold through Fidelity Refiners in line with government policies. This transparent approach to gold trading is seen as pivotal in supporting regional economic growth, contributing to the province’s GDP, and aligning with national mining sector goals, including the aspiration to reach a USD$12 billion mining economy by 2025.

Moreover, Minister Ncube applauded Sabi Gold Mine’s efforts in corporate social responsibility, particularly in providing essential services to local communities, such as borehole drilling, equipping healthcare facilities, and solar electrification initiatives. These endeavors underscore the mine’s commitment to sustainable development and community empowerment.


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