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Shabanie To Sell Houses, Land.


By Steven Mawarire

Shabanie Mine’s plans to dispose of its housing units and vast tracts of land have been met with mixed feelings with residents calling for transparency in the process.

Close sources told Great Dyke News 24 that the company is planning to dispose of its housing units and vast tracts of land in order to raise capital to fund the resuscitation of the asbestos mine.

The asbestos giant stopped operating full scale in 2004 after the Government annexed its assets from South African-based businessman Mutumwa Mawere through a reconstruction order, alleging the company was state-indebted and insolvent.

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Speaking to Great Dyke News 24, residents said they need detailed information as they are afraid that the process is not transparent.

Recently Shabanie mine residents threatened to petition government over exorbitant rentals which have been increased by one hundred percent without any justification.

Meanwhile, the government is making an effort to re-open the mine with Mines and Mining Development Deputy Minister recently quoted as saying de-watering at Shabanie Mine was complete and the mine was preparing to resume mining operations.

The resident’s concern comes at a time when the mine is reported to be angling to re-open as they argue this will not be the right time to sell the company’s assets.


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