Home Mining Too Early To Project Matabeleland Diamonds Impact-Mining Expert.

Too Early To Project Matabeleland Diamonds Impact-Mining Expert.


A mining expert in the Great Dyke says the recent discovery of a kimberlite diamond in Matabeleland South is a huge positive for the province and the country in the race to achieve a US$12 billion mining economy but have indicated that it is too early to make any projections or solid plans.

In an interview with Great Dyke News 24, metallurgist Sheunopa Gumbochuma said the discovery is only the first stage and a lot of work will still need to be done before the rare mineral resource’s socio-economic impact can be projected.

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“At this stage there is not much that has happened. We are at the very initial stages of restoration and resource evaluation. At this initial stage the indicators are that it is Kimberlite which normally is very expensive to mine like those that get very big diamonds but at this stage they have not even quantified the value,” said Gumbochuma.

Alrosa, the Russian diamond miner has partnered State-owned diamond miner, Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) and is currently exploring for diamonds at the Malipati Diamond Project in Matabeleland South. Extensive resource definition and quantification work has revealed a rare and high-value species of diamonds in the province.