Home Mining Zimbabwe Miners on Alert: Urgent Warning for Miners as Rain Looms

Zimbabwe Miners on Alert: Urgent Warning for Miners as Rain Looms


As rains are anticipated in parts of the Great Dyke over the weekend, the Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) is urging miners to prioritize safety and avoid mining in hazardous conditions. ZMF President Henrietta Rushwaya recently underscored the importance of adhering to safety guidelines set by the Mines ministry.

In a candid statement, Rushwaya emphasized the critical need for miners to exercise caution, stating, “They should not mine when it is not safe to do so and abide by the recommendations of the Mines ministry.”

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The urgency for such warnings is underscored by the grim reality of mine accidents in Zimbabwe. In 2023 alone, at least 237 lives were lost in mining-related incidents, marking one of the deadliest years in the country’s mining history. The Mines ministry reported that this death toll resulted from 212 recorded fatal mining accidents, with the acknowledgment that some incidents go unreported.

The majority of these tragic events involved unregistered artisanal miners who frequently engaged in unsafe mining practices, displaying reluctance to follow established safety protocols. This alarming figure represents a significant increase from the 139 deaths recorded in 2022, stemming from 121 accidents.


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