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Kuvimba Mining House Explores Solar Energy to Boost Sustainability at Key Mines, Including Sandawana in Mberengwa


Kuvimba Mining House (KMH) is actively exploring alternative energy sources, particularly solar power, to augment the energy supply at its mining operations, including the Sandawana Mines located in Mberengwa, Zimbabwe.

In a recent interview, CEO Simba Chinyemba emphasized the company’s commitment to investing in alternative energy solutions, highlighting collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Energy.Chinyemba revealed that KMH is in the process of evaluating the implementation of solar infrastructure to enhance the capacity of its mines.

This strategic move aligns with the company’s broader commitment to sustainability and aligns with the global trend towards adopting cleaner and more environmentally friendly energy sources within the mining industry.

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Kuvimba Mining House holds a prominent position in Zimbabwe’s mining sector, with a focus on gold production and employment generation. The mining conglomerate operates three significant gold mines, namely Freda Rebecca, Shamva, and Jena Gold Mine, all contributing substantially to the country’s gold output.

Additionally, KMH oversees the Sandawana Mines, initially recognized for their emerald deposits. Following a period of closure due to decreased demand for emeralds, Kuvimba Mining House, majority-owned by the Zimbabwean government (65%), assumed control of the asset in 2019. Notably, the company has ambitious plans to extract battery-grade lithium from Sandawana Mines by the year 2030.

Beyond its gold and lithium endeavors, Kuvimba Mining House holds strategic interests in other mining ventures, including the Bindura Nickel Corporation (BNC), the Darwendale Platinum Project in collaboration with Great Dyke Investments, and Zim Alloys Limited.


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