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African Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statistics.


Paidamoyo Makoni.

COVID-19 continues to spread in Africa since the virus was first detected on the continent in mid-February 2020.

The pandemic is accelerating – it took 98 days to reach 100 000 cases and only 19 days to move to 200 000 cases.

There are now 228,496 reported cases of the Coronavirus pandemic in Africa. Total number of tests done for most countries has not been captured consistently.

Ten out of 54 countries are currently driving the rise in numbers, accounting for nearly 80% of all the cases.

These countries are: South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Cameroon, Sudan, Senegal and DRC. More than 70% of the deaths are taking place in only five countries: Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa and Sudan.

South Africa is the most affected, accounting for 25% of the continent’s total cases, with the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces reporting high number of cases and deaths daily.

Malawi and Namibia reported clusters of cases that were identified in quarantine areas as nationals continue to return from neighbouring and affected countries.

Three new countries, Cape Verde, Ethiopia and Uganda, joined the list of countries reporting health worker infection.

Seychelles and Equatorial Guinea have reported zero new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the past 65 and 21 days, respectively.

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Although United Republic of Tanzania has no new confirmed cases in the last 24 hours, there are no official reports indicating zero confirmed cases.

Furthermore, Eritrea reported two new confirmed COVID-19 cases after 44 consecutive days of zero reporting.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), data management training (Go. Data, Open Data Kit, EWARs) was conducted and technical support was offered to Algeria, Eswatini, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Statistics.

As of the 12th of June 2020, Zimbabwe had 343 confirmed cases, 51 recoveries and 288 active cases.

A total of 57 598 tests have been conducted countrywide. Information according to the Ministry of Health and Child Care indicates that, Harare has the highest number of confirmed cases with 18 recoveries and 105 active cases.

Masvingo has the second highest number of cases with 45 and no reported recovery from the pandemic.

The Midlands province has 29 active cases and no recoveries. Bulawayo has recorded significant recoveries as 10 of the 24 cases have recovered hence the number of active cases is at 13.

1 death has been recorded in the province. Below is a tabular representation of statistics by province.


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