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Cholera Outbreak in Mberengwa: Concerns Rise as Cases Surge to 158, Prompting Swift Action


In a recent update from Mberengwa, health officials are grappling with an ongoing cholera outbreak, reporting a total of 158 cases thus far. While the death toll remains relatively low at four, authorities are closely monitoring the situation.

Vafias Hlavati, the head of the Civil Protection Unit, revealed in an exclusive interview with Great Dyke News that the number of cholera cases continues to rise in Mberengwa. Hlavati emphasized that, despite efforts, the situation prompted the removal of tents from Mberengwa Turn off to Mberengwa hospital due to unfavorable conditions. However, he assured that extensive treatment has been administered, with only six individuals currently admitted to the hospital.

Hlavati pointed out that the Colgate resettlements and Dhove areas are particularly hard-hit, attributing the outbreak to contaminated dam water consumed by these communities. He highlighted the breakdown of boreholes in these regions as a significant factor, forcing residents to resort to unsafe water sources.

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Addressing the water crisis, Hlavati mentioned a positive development under the presidential scheme, where new boreholes have been drilled in rural areas. While he acknowledged that water is no longer a problem, the focus remains on containing the cholera outbreak and ensuring the well-being of affected communities. Authorities are working diligently to address the root causes and provide necessary medical support to mitigate the impact of this public health concern.


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