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Global Statistics 

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsTotal Recovered
Spain141,942 14,04543,208
Italy135,586 17,12724,392
France109,069 10,32819,337
Germany107,663 2,01636,081
South Africa1,749+631395
Zambia39 17
Eswatini10  4
Mozambique10  5
Botswana6 1 

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 209 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances.

For the United States, the tally of known coronavirus infections approached 400,000 on Tuesday, with the number of deaths surpassing 12,700 in a record single-day jump of more than 1,800 nationwide.

New York State accounted for more than a third of U.S. confirmed coronavirus cases to date, and nearly half the cumulative death toll – 5,489 as of Tuesday.

South Africa’s’ number of new cases more than doubled yesterday from 31 to 63 from a total of 58 098 tests conducted so far. The country has recorded 13 deaths from the Coronavirus.

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa says the government will assess the effectiveness of the 21-day lockdown, which is due to end on 16 April, in the coming days.

Zambia still has 39 cases with one death and 5 cases that havebeen reported to have recovered. 

Mozambique and Eswatini’s statistics remain unchanged with both having 10 active cases and no deaths recorded while Botswana has 6 cases and 1 death. 

Zimbabwe’s positive cases increased by 1 to make them 11 plus one more death as a result of the Coronavirus. 

Kenyatta imposes 3 week ban on Movement

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has imposed a three-week ban on movement in and out of four main coronavirus “infected areas”, including the capital, Nairobi, before the usually busy Easter weekend.

Wuhan ends 11 week lockdown

People have not been allowed to leave Wuhan since 23 January. Some 200 flights are due to leave the Chinese city on Wednesday. Road and rail links have also re-opened

WhatsApp tightens limits on message forwarding to counter coronavirus misinformation

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WhatsApp is trying to stem the rapid spread of coronavirus misinformation by placing new limits on the number of times a forwarded message can be shared simultaneously. A message received by a person on the Facebook (FB)-owned platform that has already been forwarded five times can now only be passed on to one chat at a time.  The new limits are WhatsApp’s strictest yet.

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