Home News Dawn of A New Era For YAFM as new GM Takes Over.

Dawn of A New Era For YAFM as new GM Takes Over.


YAFM Chairperson Munyaradzi Hwengwere says Zimbabwe’s first regional radio station has picked a new general manager who will guide the organization on its new ambitious trajectory whose foundation was laid in its first five years of broadcasting.

Speaking to Great Dyke News 24, Hwengwere said the new man in the driver’s seat is well equipped and experienced to guide the media organization which now looks ahead to being successful beyond radio in an era where technology has made numerous communication platforms available.

“YAFM turned 5 in September of 2020. As the board and management of the organisation we had to craft a new path for the next 5 years. We crafted a vision which we now call Bid 2025, which in essence says YAFM by 2025 will be broader than the market we currently serve.
It must be business that is broader than radio. We intend to be in television, we need to be stronger in digital services. Already we have Great Dyke News 24 and we have Great Dyke TV, we need to strengthen these, “he said.

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The new man at the helm of arguably Zimbabwe’s most rapidly growing media organization is a veteran of the broadcasting industry, having spent many years at the national broadcaster ZBC serving in a number of roles.
In an interview the new General Manager Tawanda Gudhlangah said he is excited to lead and be a part of the YAFM team which is about to make media industry history with an ambitious but achievable transformation plan in Bid 2025.

“It’s an honour that l have joined the YAFM team, some may think that l’m going backward given the fact that l was working with a national broadcaster, but l believe that this is an opportunity to be part of a success story of a growth process of what is deemed a much smaller radio entity into a multimedia entertainment service provider.

The intention is that YAFM is going to grow bigger than radio, ” said Gudhlangah who is replacing Zane Rance who left the station last year.


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