Home Mining Great Dyke Artisanal Miners Pose Threat To Railway Lines.

Great Dyke Artisanal Miners Pose Threat To Railway Lines.


The National Railways of Zimbabwe has called for the arrest of artisanal miners within the Great Dyke saying they are destroying railway networks in search of minerals under railway lines.

According to the newly appointed NRZ Board Chairman Advocate Martin Dinha, the problem is now rampant in Kadoma, Kwekwe, and Zvishavane.

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Minister of Mines and Mining Development Winston Chitando recently called for an urgent formalisation of the artisanal mining sector to curb the accidents that are happening at disused mine sites.

The Railways Act (Chapter 13.09) Clause 38 paragraph 4, section c states that any person who digs, excavates, drills, tunnels under or otherwise tempers with the ground within 45m on either side of the middle of a railway track to the actual or potential detriment of the safety of railway traffic: shall be guilty of an offence and be liable to imprisonment for a period of not less than five years.


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