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Opinion: We Might End 2020 In Sorrow If We Don’t Act Responsibly.


The whole world is now heading towards the Christmas and new year holidays. A lot of people are tempted to think that covid 19 has gone, alas it’s here to stay and everyone should know that.

A lot of Zimbabweans no longer see the point of avoiding crowded venues, maintaining social distance from each other, keeping windows open when traveling on public transport, or sanitizing at home, work or in commonly used places like bars and restaurants.

 Everyone has gotten into the Christmas spirit early, inviting friends and family from different places for get-togethers, weddings and Christmas celebrations but we need to be careful so that we will be able to see 2021.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the level 1 lockdown restrictions on Monday evening, as the country’s cumulative number of cases edges closer to the 900 000 mark.

He also warned South Africans to change their behaviour or else this will be the last Christmas for many of them.

“If we do not do things differently this festive season, we will greet the new year not with joy, but with sorrow. Many of our friends, relatives and co-workers will be infected, some will get severely ill and some, tragically, will die.

“Unless we do things differently, this will be the last Christmas for many, many South Africans, “warned the President.

In light of the rapid rise in infections, Ramaphosa said it is essential that his government takes extraordinary measures to contain the second wave and save lives while working to protect livelihoods.

Zimbabwe recorded 227 new cases this Wednesday to bring the total number of cases to 11,749. All cases are local transmissions. Every province recorded cases of the virus with Mashonaland West recording 101 new cases. 

Two new deaths were registered in Manicaland and Harare province had one fatality.  103 recoveries were recorded nationally and the recovery rate is now at 82,6%.

The festive season now poses the greatest threat to the health and well-being of our nation.

The Zimbabwean government must rethink its plans for easing covid-19 restrictions over Christmas and be far more explicit as to what the public should and should not do, to prevent a large spike in cases in the new year.

Of course, l understand that this year has been physically and emotionally exhausting for everyone, the front line workers in particular.

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We all are craving quality time with family and friends; we are craving to rejoice and celebrate. We know that some of us have not seen our families in months but we need to be careful when we meet.

According to the World Health Organisation, you are not safe until everyone is safe, hence as you go for the holidays make sure that you protect your family and friends especially the elderly by simply following the covid-19 regulations including social distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding crowded areas.

To those who are issuing fake covid-19 certificates for people to travel to and from Zimbabwe, may you please stop it! How do you feel when you see thousands of people dying because of you actions? Imagine, sacrificing your fellow countryman’s life because of US$20! Just think of it before the situation goes out of hand.

Remember we all want to live and let our loved ones live. It is therefore essential that we take extraordinary measures to contain this pandemic and save lives, while working to protect livelihoods.

If we follow Covid-19 regulations and play our part, then we can all have a joyful festive season and, most importantly, we can all have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Remember to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth whenever in public, or in the company of people you don’t live with, and please don’t put a mask on your chin or lower it in public.

Fellow Zimbabweans, remember to regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or with a sanitiser. Limit your travel as much as possible and if you have to travel, make sure that you travel safely.

If you are going to visit friends and family, limit the number of contacts ,try to spend time with only your immediate family or as small a group of people as possible.

May God Protect Zimbabwe and her people!


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